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    Please rate the scale from 0-5. (0=Never, not at all; 1=Seldom; 2=Sometimes; 3=Often; 4=Most of the time; 5=Always)

    Overall ratings of safety in prison

    Have you ever feel unsafe in the prison?

    Do you feel unsafe in the prison?

    Have you ever been verbally threatened or physically assaulted in prison?

    How often do you witness violent behaviours among inmates?

    Did you have any problems with feeling depressed or suicidal?

    Have you experienced or witnessed excessive force used by officers?

    Have you ever hurt yourself deliberately in the prison?

    The amount of support available for people feeling depressed or suicidal

    Do you feel you have been treated fairly in aspects of receiving incentives and earned priviliges?

    Do different levels of incentives and earned privileges encourage you to change your behaviour?

    To what extent, the prison has done something to protect you from harm and neglect?

    Anything to add about safety in prison:


    Overall respectfulness in prison

    Please describe the cell

    Is it big enough?


    a) To see your doctor?

    b) Too see your nurse?

    c) To see the dentist?

    d) To see a specialist?

    Do you normally get cell-cleaning materials each week?

    Is your privacy respected when you are in your cell?

    Are your religious beliefs respected?

    Are you able to speak to a religious leader of your faith in private if you want?

    Are you able to attend religious services?

    Are you able to get access to religious materials?

    Are you able to communicate with our solicitor or legal representative?

    Is it easy to make a complaint/provide feedback?

    Have you ever been prevented from making a complaint/provide feedback when you wanted to?

    In case of an emergency, are health services promptly provided to you?

    Are your medical needs satisfactorily met at the moment?

    Is the time provided to you by health services professionals adequate?

    Anything to add about respect in prison:


    Overall purposeful activity in prison

    Are you currently involved in one of the following activities?

    a) Gym

    b) Library

    c) Prison job

    d) Vocational or skills training

    e) Education (including basic skills)

    f) Offending behaviour program

    Will every prisoners have the opportunity to participate in all activities (including facilities and programs)?

    Is it easy to get into the following activities?

    a) gym

    b) library

    c) prison job

    d) vocational or skills training

    e) education (including basic skills)

    f) offending behaviour program

    How long is the out-of-cell time you have per week?

    Have you ever been locked down in a cell?

    Do you have adequate information to gain access to the library legal documents?

    Please comment on the completion rate of education or programs of prisoners.

    Do you think prisoners are occupied purposefully during the core day?

    After involving in learning and skills work, can prisoners achieve learning goals and increase employability?

    Have you gained any benefit from physical education and fitness programs provided?

    Anything to add about purposeful activity in prison:


    Overall resettlement arrangement in prison.

    Are you currently/Have you ever been involved in the following activities?

    a) Offence-related program

    b) Pre-release program

    How easy was it for you to get into the following activities?

    a) offence-related program

    b) pre-release program

    How much time could you spend on the following activities per week?

    a) offence-related program

    b) pre-release program

    To what extent can the following activities prepare your life after release?

    a) Prison job

    b) Vocational or skills training

    c) Education program

    d) Offence-related program

    e) Pre-release program

    Can you fully complete the following activities according to schedule?

    a) Offence- related program

    b) Pre- release program

    To what extent can the prison provide you enough channels to communicate with family and friends?

    Have you had any problems with the following channels of contact?

    a) Sending/receiving mail

    b) Getting access to the telephone

    c) Having visits

    To what extent have staff supported you and helped you to maintain contact with family/friends while in prison?

    Anything to add about resettlement in prison:


    Which is the worst prison do you think? Why?

    Which is the best prison do you think? Why?

    How do you think about this questionnaire?

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