Dame Phyllis Frost Centre (Women only)

Below is official information.

The reality is very different as was shown in the NSW Inspector’s Report.

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Name of General Manager
Year of Establishment1996
Postal Address
Street Address101-201 Riding Boundary Road

Ravenhall VIC 3023
How to Get ThereCar

Via the Westgate Freeway: from the city take the Westgate Freeway and exit at the Western Ring Road. Exit at the Western Highway (to Ballarat). Exit at Robinsons Road (right), then turn left onto Riding Boundary Road.

Via the Hume Freeway: from the Hume Freeway, veer right onto the Western Ring Road. Exit at the Western Highway (to Ballarat). Exit at Robinsons Road (right), then turn left onto Riding Boundary Road.

Public transport

To Laverton railway station

The bus departs from Sunshine Railway Station Bus Terminal (Bay 11) and runs via the overpass, Durham Road, Anderson Road, Forrest Street, Tilburn Road, Station Road, Western Highway (Ballarat Road), Westwood Drive, Robinsons Road and Riding Boundary Road to the Dame Phyllis Frost Centre. The bus then departs via Riding Boundary Road, Robinsons Road and Middle Road to the Metropolitan Remand Centre. It then departs from the Metropolitan Remand Centre via Middle Road, Robinsons Road, Palmers Road, Dohertys Road to Port Phillip Prison. It then travels via Dohertys Road, Fitzgerald Road, Old Geelong Road, Bladin Street, Wright Street, Thomas Street, Woods Street, Lohse Street and Maher Road to the terminus at Laverton Railway Station.

To Sunshine railway station

Bus will travel in the reverse direction.

Westrans (Altona) operates this service.

Contact Westrans (Altona) on 03 9398 2712.
Phone no.03 9217 8400
Number of Staff
Health Care Services
Education & Skill Development
Level of SecurityMaximum
Availability of Activities
Contact with Outside WorldVisit Conditions:

All visitors aged 16 years and over are required to be placed on the approved visitor’s list.

Contact visits can go for up to two hours. Visitors will be allocated a numbered table or area in which to sit.

On a contact visit, up to three adults and four children are able to visit the prisoner. If the prisoner you are visiting is ineligible for contact visits, she may have one non contact (box) visit, for one-hour duration, per week.

Eligible prisoners are able to choose either a one-hour non-contact (box visit) or a two hour contact visit.

Prisoners are permitted one personal visit during the week and one personal visit over the weekend.

Professional Visits are allowed in addition to the above personal visits.

In box visits, no touching is possible - there is a glass partition that separates you and the person you are visiting and all speaking is done through the glass.

Items such as cigarettes, lighters, sunglasses, mobile phones, hats and scarves are not allowed into the prison, items such as these may be secured in lockers provided. Mobile phones must be switched off whilst secured in the issued locker

For young children, One plastic baby’s bottle filled with formula, liquid and powdered form accepted; (visits over 2 hours can have 2 baby’s bottles) 1 x small empty, clear drinking cup with lid for toddlers. One small jar or tub of baby food - unopened; e.g. Rusks. Baby blanket, bib and dummy are permitted. Glass containers must be less than 60ml or 30 grams in capacity.

Fruit juice is available from the vending machine and there is a water drinking fountain in the Visits Centre.

Sun cream and Baby care items such as nappies, etc are available in the Visits Centre for your use.

Food and drink items can be purchased in the Visits Centre. Visitors are approved to have $40.00 PER VISIT; money can be a combination of coins and/or $5 and $10 and $20.00 notes ONLY.

Prisoners will not be permitted to bring anything to or from the Visits Centre or Box Visits, unless it is during a Child only visit (either on Sunday afternoons or during an access visit during the week) when they are permitted to bring in unopened cans of soft drink, unopened confectionary or a healthy eating option.

Children are permitted to leave the Visits Centre with any drink or food that is not consumed during the visit.

During children’s visits there are items for their entertainment e.g., coloring books, black boards and toys etc.

Telephone calls:

To receive phone calls from a prisoner you need to be on her "phone list."

If you're not sure that your name is on the list, you'll need to talk to her on your next visit or write directly to her. We are not permitted to release any prisoner information.

A 12 minutes time limit applies to all calls to allow fair use of phones for everyone.

We cannot accept incoming calls, or pass on any messages.
Time Out of Cell
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