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I’ve got a few interesting things to say that have been on my mind for a long time OK.

Mac Baker’s Fact or Fiction, you make up your mind. First of all, it’s going to involve my free will and free speech under the Constitution and civil and human rights and according to the Christian Bible, God gave all mankind free will and speech as well as from the highest power of the land I’m told.

Now. This big bang theory – it’s my opinion it’s total crap! You be the judge.

Now. I’m 67 years old and all my life I’ve witnessed all types of explosions from fireworks/crackers and at no time have I ever seen an explosion create an almost perfect sphere! Then I’ve seen on television many, many wars and at no time have I even witnessed an almost perfect sphere! Then there’s the mother of all explosions in the Second World War in Japan, two in fact and not even in both of those have I witness an almost perfect sphere like a planet! According to carbon dating it’s said to be fairly accurate the Earth is 4.3 billion years old and not only the sun is still burning but the earth’s centre is still molten hot!

Sure it’s possible it’s cooled over 4.3 billion years which creates another question, was the earth another sun and cooled over 4.3 billion years!

So it’s extremely likely it is/was, you be the judge, but no way did the Big Bang Theory happen. Sure I can’t explain it but what size was this planet if an explosion happened! Besides, every explosion I’ve ever witnessed always leaves heaps of jagged material so it’s totally impossible and the so called scientist wasted heaps of tax payer dollars and lied, teaching our children utter crap, multi billions for liars and fools. I’m no scientist or well educated but I’ve got good commonsense/opinions.

Now. This climate change, who are the major people so called polluting the planet? IF, IF it does exist or is it a scam to tax the tax payer for totally nothing for years. Now remember my constitutional rights, it’s law to have free will and free speech and human and civil rights and according to the Christian Bible free will and speech.

Now. Who are the biggest polluters of so called climate change? You also have to have free will and speech so we also are allowed to have opinions and theories so write and let me know your opinion, am I right or wrong? But I will warn you of this, on the 12/06/2014. Mr Obama said this, he declared climate change is a national secret, 1/7 4pm News! Ask yourself a question, why what’s the secret? If pollution exists or is he hiding some thing as people who divulge secrets seem to end up in Guantanamo Bay, no doubt this secret camp? Where you’re not only not heard of again but can’t access legal representation. Even under their constitution, are they dictators?

Now. Understand every bullet fired has chemicals in each shell and then there’s grenades/rocket launches, rockets/bombs with putrid chemicals in them, then there’s the destruction of houses/hospitals/shops/supermarkets/factories; there’s heaps to list. Now every car/truck/plane/helicopter all burn tyres/upholstery/clothes etc that have putrid chemicals in them, the smoke carries heaps of toxic chemicals. Too many to list if I knew but tyres and oil have toxic, putrid chemicals!

There’s the early model refrigeration with CFC in them in shops/ houses/ factories/ hospitals/ cars/ trucks/ planes/ trains etc. All have CFC refrigerants in them so who is responsible for the so-called pollution. Climate change and if this mechanic was fined $250000 for one air conditioner. Ask the question, how did they know they know our air conditioner wasn’t into atmosphere were they spying on him to find this out so who pays for all those fridges with CFC blown apart.  Let alone the toxic fires and chemicals in the weapons or are they the worst hypocrites on the planet as well as filthy liars perpetrating the biggest fraud on humanity for the next 30 years as they said the hole in ozone won’t repair itself till 2050. That’s a very long time to be taxed for nothing. Understand if there was a hole in the ozone it would be at the North Pole as its lighter than air and it rises.

Plus if there was a hole the ultraviolet rays would give not only people skin cancer but seals/ walrus and the snow/ ice would be melting worse than it has! Its totally normal to have ice and snow melt later in the seasons! And I’ve heard/ seen nothing on cancer of people and the animals at the North Pole.


Its 100% a putrid scam as I understand the powers of suggestion and subliminal messages from the age of 7 years old.

Then if you check they exchange oil for food at $10 a barrel and sell it for $100 a barrel literally extortion and blackmail by despots the true terrorists on planet Earth! The information is on the internet if you look at the right place, download this and make up your own mind/ opinions. We all have fact or fiction! Believe it or not!

I’m very well aware who are the terrorists. Just look at every where they go; total destruction, chaos  and misery. Then we have other lands like the Vietnam, Afghanistan, war houses/ factories/ shops/ hospitals/ cars/ trucks/ air craft/ caravans/ etc.


Below is poetry created by Malcolm sent in on the 12th of December 2016

Poem 1


Poem 2


Poem 3


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