15072015 Social media coming to NZ prisons

130715 Auckland prisoners freed into cyberspace

120715 NZ prisoners internet launch

Full video available: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LTfPbp-c4Ak

The Mount Eden Prison

The Mount Eden Corrections Facility

“Justice Action will launch iExpress in New Zealand in front of Mount Eden Prison, 1 Lauder Rd, Mt Eden at 10am Sunday July 12. Ceremonial balloons will be released over the prison to commemorate the event” said Justice Action Coordinator Brett Collins who will be there for the occasion.

“NZ prisoners will be freed into cyberspace to share the world’s first full online avenue of expression, bringing them into the digital world. Until now, the service has only been available to Australian prisoners. They will get their own webpage, send and receive emails” said Mr Collins.

“iExpress has now expanded to include prison profiles so that feedback from prisoners, ex-prisoners, family members, visitors and prison staff is used to assess the health of the prison and publish the reports. This will bring those secret spaces holding our citizens into the light so the walls can no longer hide them from public view. It will expose the people and the facilities to allow public discussion of policies from previously unheard viewpoints” said Mr Collins.

“iExpress provides a platform for restorative justice and reconciliation with the community. It is supported by victims’ organisations and is protected by the right of expression and personal opinion under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights Articles 2, 3, 12, 18, 19, 22 and 27. Justice Action is proud to bring those freedoms into NZ” said Mr Collins.


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